About Me

I am a textiles surface designer with a great understanding of its function and application. I specialise in hand embroidery, embellishment and in prints for fashion. I am a passionate, experimental, and am unafraid to take risks or to push boundaries with my work. Because of this, I am the kind of person suited to the fashion industry which has ever changing rules, challenges and expectations. All images and text are copyright to Stacie Charlton.

27 February 2011

Finals in Progress

Here are some photos of my 1st final length in progress! I have blown up a drawing of a skull, so I can really work into it and have fun and experiment. I love building up and creating textures in my embroidery so this will allow me to do that.

 I love the texture already in this photo, I have used thread beads and sequins, I found large 25mm x 25mm sequins, again from http://www.josyrose.com/ which allowed me to cut and shape and distort the sequins, still got a long way to go!

23 February 2011

Embroidery Samples

After a few weeks of designing on photoshop, I have started printing out A3 samples of my designs to see how the colours would print out and how bright they would be after they were steamed. I'm really happy with the colours, they have came out really bright which is what I wanted!
The following images are of my fossil repeat, I want my samples to be heavily embellished and want to use a lot of different threads, sequins, beads and 'found' objects like screws and washers. I love these tiny 3mm sequins I have ordered from http://www.josyrose.com/, they are perfect for building up clusters or just adding small hints.