About Me

I am a textiles surface designer with a great understanding of its function and application. I specialise in hand embroidery, embellishment and in prints for fashion. I am a passionate, experimental, and am unafraid to take risks or to push boundaries with my work. Because of this, I am the kind of person suited to the fashion industry which has ever changing rules, challenges and expectations. All images and text are copyright to Stacie Charlton.

30 March 2011


More embroidery on the jacket now, I was not too sure at first but I like the jacket more now, I am really happy with the use of colours together and the different techniques combined.

28 March 2011


I decided to cut up the denim jacket and removed a pocket so I had space to embroider, this would allow me to add colour and make it more mine.

27 March 2011

Embroidery Samples

Taking inspiration from fossil shapes I have been experimenting 'mix match' embroidery, clashing colours, layers of materials and 3d embroidery.

19 March 2011

Busy Busy!!

I am starting to wish that Uni was open on a Saturday!! But as you can see I have made my self quite comfortable at home!

I have started sampling over some of my screen printed fabrics too, just trying different materials together and colours.

I have appliqued down some of my tartan screen print too, if I only use it in small amounts I think it could have a nice effect!

17 March 2011

Print Rooms!

I have had a screen with a selection of patchworks and 3 different layers to print my own tartan and I decided to try it out today, after dying fabrics last night.

I think its worked well, I just need to play around with colours, pigments, different fabrics. I think it is ideal for applique.

I also exposed a few more screen today so I can start sampling ideas for my final pieces.

This has been inspired by fossils and bones that I drew in the Natural History Museum.

14 March 2011

Model Time

I think it looks really good on, especially from the back, I really like the wings! Also, the weight of the embellishment has not really affected how the garment sits on the body so I am pleased.

Thanks to Charlotte for modelling!

12 March 2011


I woke up today to a large parcel of sequins! I have been sponsored by http://www.josyrose.com/ and I am very grateful for all their help and I cannot wait to start using these :) I love their sequins!

11 March 2011

Sequin Experiments...

I want to do 3D embellishments on my garments, so after doing a bit of research this morning I have been playing around with different orders and combinations of sequins and bugle beads trying to get them to stand up from the fabric.

I also painted some more nuts different colours and I am excited to start embroidering them, combined with the above.

10 March 2011

Digital Print

I digitally printed 1.5m of fabric this morning which is hopefully being made into a dress, I plan to embellish it with contrasting tones of red and turquoise. I still need to steam the fabric, which will make the colours brighter.

I also started too add little details with crystals to the denim jacket, you can see here on the side tabs.

I want it to be subtle, I'm not sure whether to add a hint of colour to it or not, so I am trying to keep it dark. I wanted to change or cover the buttons and tried wrapping them in different fabrics.

I used black velvet and black cotton, but the material is too thick for the buttons to then function, so I think I am just going to paint them and maybe hotfix over them.

9 March 2011

Denim Jacket Day 3...

After 2 13 hour days at Uni the front two panels are complete!! I also coated and exposed another screen to mirror the wing and printed that on to denim and pinned on the back. Still need to attach them properly, I also need to figure out what to do with the collar.

8 March 2011

Denim Jacket Day 2

After a 13 hour day at Uni yesterday, embellishing for 5 hours the jacket looks like this..

7 March 2011

Denim Jacket - Day 1

I decided to embellish the front panels of the waist coat, the collar and maybe some detail on the pockets. I have just started clustering on a mixture of seed beads, metal beads, painted nuts and washers all with a metallic and metal feel. I cannot wait to see how it looks, but starting to love it already! I feel a lot more excited about working into the garment shapes.

Garment Shapes!

I have decided to move on from lengths, I feel like I would work so much better and that my embroidery will not be restricted to my designs, so I can look into doing neckline embellishments over my printed fabrics and also feel more confident doing placements designs that are not floating around in the middle of a length, I can place them on a garment and visualise  my ideas better. I have found someone who is going to make up some garment shapes with my printed or dyed fabrics and then I can add embroidery and embellishments after. I am also using some very basic readymade garments, changing details on them and adding my own designs. I started today with a cropped denim waistcoat.

I put the jacket on to a mannequin and photographed it at different angles and uploaded the photos to print out, so I could draw design ideas over the top of the garment. I looked at small details and panels on the jacket and what I could add to the jacket. A few weeks ago I started to experiment printing on to denim and had already printed a bird wing onto some jeans. I decided to cut the wing out and I think it works really well; I will need another screen to do a mirrored wing. I love the way the feathers drape over the shoulder and I think it creates some interesting possibilities for dangling embellishments.

5 March 2011


I want to combine sequins, beads and crystals..with metal objects, I have wanted to do this since writing my brief and I started collecting metal bits like washers, chain and beads, and I planned to spray them different colours but I had a little experiment today with paint and its worked out ok so far, but they are still wet.

Also... more embroidery on my first final piece...

I love the sequins and the way the light catches the metalic ones, I painted the rest of the length with dye last night so I can aim to finish this asap.

4 March 2011

More Embroidery....

I'm really getting into this now! I feel really motivated to finish this piece even though its taking so long, I feel really inspired and this is helped by recent sponsorships which I am so pleased about. I have even reworked and created new designs to incorporate more embellishments!
My brief was inspired by 'drama' and mix match trends, mixing the old with new and the ordinary with the unexpected, so I am trying to stick to a colour palette of blacks, greys, nudes, khakis and subtle blues and purples, but with an injection of neon's to liven it up a little bit.
I feel like I have really been pushing my self with my embroidery and trying to find unusual materials, metal findings and ways of distorting materials to make my embroidery different and so far its working out really well.

I love these sequins! I have mixed together a matt and metallic shade, and also different sizes as I think it makes it more interesting to look at and gives more of a texture.

this is it a while after... I love the layers of sequins and the cluster of mixed embellishments including swarovski crystals. I want my work to look good from a distance, but really impressive when you get close to it and see the amount of work that has gone into it.

I also did a bit more stitching, using seed stitched to build up darker areas and organza.

I have just started filling in with sequins in other areas of the design.. so more to come soon!