About Me

I am a textiles surface designer with a great understanding of its function and application. I specialise in hand embroidery, embellishment and in prints for fashion. I am a passionate, experimental, and am unafraid to take risks or to push boundaries with my work. Because of this, I am the kind of person suited to the fashion industry which has ever changing rules, challenges and expectations. All images and text are copyright to Stacie Charlton.

22 July 2011

Keep Designing...

I still have 7 weeks before I move to London (when we find somewhere to live!), and to keep me busy I have started sourcing materials like dyes, fabric and paper so I can keep designing. I started researching new trends but before I start something new I wanted to see if I could use some of the designs I did not use from my final major project to create more illustrative designs.
One of my favourite designs that I did not get to use is this one. It was originally two different stick and ink drawings that I placed together using Photoshop. I really like the marks that you can achieve using this method and also how its quite a simple drawing but still has a certain amount of detail.

I want to use the design to embroider or paint onto fabric, I can visualise it being used on a t-shirt or jumper.

11 July 2011

Final Results!!

I was so nervous today to finally get our degree classifications, I was up checking at midnight and again from 7am, but the results finally came online at 9am and I can not put into words how happy I was to read the words...
Bachelor of Arts in Textiles and Surface Design with First Class Honours!!!!
It makes all the late nights, hours and materials invested in the past 3 years worthwhile!